15th Prime Source Forum

The Annual Meeting Place for the Global Fashion Industry

13-14 October 2022

Cologne, Germany  |  Hybrid

Preliminary Programme



Proceeding in the fashion world amid the new normal

12 OCTOBER 2022 (DAY 0)

Welcoming Reception

Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne, Germany

After 1800 (to be further advised)


13 OCTOBER 2022 (DAY 1)

Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne, Germany (Central European Time)

In person & hybrid




Opening remarks


Welcoming address




Opening address

  • Dr. Henry TAN, BBS, JP, LHD, CEO, Luen Thai Intl Group; Chairman, Textile Council of Hong Kong


Session 1: An update on the global trade scenario  

How do the EU law on the Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiated by UN, return of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),  graduation of special treats for the Least Developed Countries (LDC) and other changing trade policies shape the global fashion supply chain landscape?


  • Mr. Faruque HASSAN, President, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association; MD, Giant Group

  • Mr. Walter van HATTUM, Head of Trade and Economic Section, EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao, European External Action Service

  • Mr. Willy LIN, MD, Milo's Knitwear Intl Ltd; Chairman of Hong Kong Shippers' Council

  • Mr. Cameron SHAYEGI, SVP, Global Product Supply, Under Armour

Open discussion


Keynote Address: Turbulent times for the textile & apparel industry! The global economy and trade challenges, high inflation rates, increased consumer expectations, as well as regulatory pressure, will reshape the industry and supply chains. What will the next few years bring?


  • Dr. Richard FEDEROWSKI, Partner, Roland Berger GmbH

Open discussion

Coffee break sponsored by QIMA


Session 2: Supply chain crisis 

According to UNCTAD, COVID-19 has triggered a surge in online purchases with long-lasting effects.  The gigantic bottleneck for global freight does not appear likely to come to an end shortly and easily.  Fresh ideas about smart ways to avoid cargo backlog and to reduce freight costs will be shared.


  • Mr. Sean van DORT, Director, Logistics and Digital Service Integration, MAS Capital (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Sunny HO, Executive Director, Hong Kong Shippers' Council

Open discussion


CEO Dialogues: Small brands, the Creator Economy – The fashion industry's new [partially] digital supply chain


  • Mr. JP STEVENSON, Director of ESG Analytics, ELEVATE Global

Welcoming lunch


Keynote Address: The Future under the New Normal

Going forward the greatest factors that determine success or failure coming from outside the industry.  In this presentation, stagflation, weaponisation of trade, logistics, sustainability and the 'great resignation' will be covered.


  • Mr. David BIRNBAUM, Strategic planner, Consultant to the World Bank and Birnbaum & Father Ltd

Open discussion


Session 3: Boosting up operation by technology reinvestment 

Whilst some premises are being restructured to refocus, shift or to even divest, some are reinvested with capital and smart technologies to: -

  • encounter production customisation and order size change

  • optimise lead times and

  • increase value chain transparency. 


Case studies and best practices will be shared in this session.


  • Mr. Brice BERRARD, Chief Sourcing Officer, GÉMO, ERAM Group

  • Mr. Édouard DESLANDES, Founder & CEO, SILKKE

  • Mr. Joachim HENSCH, Founder, Joachim Hensch Consulting

  • Ms. Anne Patricia SUTANTO, Deputy CEO, PT. Pan Brothers Tbk; Deputy Chair of Foreign Trade, Indonesian Textile Association

Open discussion

Coffee break sponsored by SBS Zipper


Keynote Address: A resilient operation is wanted in this unpredictable era.  What are the new business models?  Are there any mechanisms available on the market to help factor in and out and simulate scenarios for cost and risk mitigation?  Developing and implementing robust and efficient techniques to effectively manage complex interdependencies of manufacturing and supply chains are necessary.


  • Prof. David SIMCHI-LEVI, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, MIT Data Science Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Open discussion

Reprise & closing

Cocktail reception

PSF Core Club Dinner (By invitation)

The Disruption is just getting started - the only thing we know is that this will be more common in the garment business.  Is it more problems, or that the access to information has increased so that we (and consumers) know more about them? Micro-plastic break-offs, forever chemicals in finishes, the Uyghur and water associations to cotton, the Higg controversy, biodegradability & the circular economy ... endless.  This session will get to the detail required.


  • Mr. Charles ROSS, Lecturer, Royal College of Art, UK

14 OCTOBER 2022 (DAY 2)

Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne, Germany (Central European Time)

In person & hybrid




Welcoming remarks


Session 4: The pandemic challenges the global supply chains.  Diversifying sourcing is widely seen as a critical strategy to alleviating supply chain volatility under uncertainties.  What are the up-to-date sourcing strategies?Insights and best practices will be shared.


  • Mr. Ajay BADIGA, Director Global Sourcing & Quality Control, Helly Hansen

  • Mr. Jaswinder BEDI, EBS, MBS, Former Chairman, African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation; Director & Owner, Fine Spinners Group

  • Mr. Trevor BOYD, MD, KIABI Intl Supply Services Ltd

  • Ms. Dorothy PUN, VP, Digital Commerce, Cobalt Fashion

Open discussion


Keynote Address: ReGenerative Agriculture - could this be a means to flip the reputation of clothing from doing bad to good for the planet?

A quarter of a century ago organic cotton became recognised in apparel primarily resulting from Patagonia switching to that Ingredient Supply Channel.  Currently, more and more high fashion and luxury brands follow, investing into and adopting ReGenAg cotton, ReGenAg wool, ReGenAg leather in their product lines.  Indeed, what is ReGenAg and what makes it so great? Would it be a solution against global warming?


  • Mr. Charles ROSS, Lecturer, Royal College of Art, UK


Open discussion

Coffee break


Session 5: Outside-in and inside-out 

Whilst we keep a close eye on consumers to see what they like, consumers tend to delve into how fashion items are made.  Is sustainability the consumers’ first buying criteria or simply a swing tag to help sales?  Innovations to make the fashion world more transparent, traceable and sustainable in a circular economy will be discussed.


  • Ms. Christiane HÜGELMANN, Head of Sustainability, Compliance & Quality, Holy Fashion Group

  • Mr. Khaydarov ILKHOM, Chairman, Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association

  • Ms. Anouschka JANSEN, Sustainability Solutions Director, QIMA

  • Mr. Toni KIENBERGER, Founder and Director, Ocean Material

  • Mr. Suryadeb MUKHERJEE, Lead Consultant, Gherzi Consulting Engineers Private Ltd

  • Mr. Dan PATTERSON, General Director, Silverleafe, LLC

Open discussion


Session 6: The post-pandemic new normal 

How can the global fashion supply chain thrive in the post-pandemic future?  What should fashion leaders do to be ahead of the rivalry in the unforeseen future?


  • Mr. David BIRNBAUM, Strategic Planner, World Bank Group

  • Mr. Jan HILGER, VP Operations, Schiesser GmbH; Senior Partner, Roland Berger

  • Mr. Indika LIYANAHEWAGE, Deputy Chairman, Sri Lanka Apparel Exports Association; CEO, Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Private) Ltd

  • Mr. Dan PATTERSON, General Director, Silverleafe, LLC

  • Mr. Charles ROSS, Lecturer, Royal College of Art, UK


Open discussion


Reprise and closing

Networking lunch

Looking forward to the 16th Prime Source Forum Reception scheduled 17 November 2022, Hong Kong!

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The programme outline of Prime Source Forum 2022 is subject to change.

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