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Every year except for the COVID-19 prevalence, Prime Source Forum brings together a diverse group of like-minded people in the fashion industry to forge partnerships, facilitating innovative ideas and breakthroughs.


Do NOT get left behind!  Attend Prime Source Forum events to remain visible and on the radar of the global fashion supply chain landscape: -

  • Prime Source Forum at APLF Events: 14-15 March 2023, Dubai World Trade Centre

  • 16th Prime Source Forum: 23-24 March 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

We offer privilege fees for early birds and groups with alternative payment methods.  Complete the Online Registration Form below or contact us for group participation.


Early bird offer:  Valid on or before 31 Jan 2023.  Complete the Online Registration Form below or contact us for a soft copy to enjoy the best offer without further delay.

Group participation: For participation of any group with over four (4) delegates, please contact us for privilege fee details.


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