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16th Prime Source Forum

The Annual Meeting Place for the Global Fashion Industry


23-24 March 2023

Bangkok  |  Thailand

2023 Events

Prime Source Forum at APLF Events


Date:                           14 March 2023

Venue:                         Dubai World Trade Centre

Participants:                Est. 100+ thought leaders from

                                    the fashion accessories industry

Programme:                In-person

                                    Keynote Addresses • CEO Dialogues

                                    Discussion Panels • Sponsor Showcase

                                    Click here to view the latest Programme.

Speakers:                    To be announced later.

Sponsor/ Showcase:   Click here for details.

Registration:                To be announced later.

APLF Events:               Click here for details.


Enquiry:                       Contact us for details.


16th Prime Source Forum

Date/ format:               23-24 March 2023                    


Venue:                         Bangkok  |  Thailand 

Participants:                300+ fashion industry leaders

Programme:                In-person

                                    Keynote Addresses • CEO Dialogues

                                    Discussion Panels • Sponsor Showcase

                                    The tentative programme will be available



Speakers:                   Will be advised shortly.

Sponsor/ Promotion:   Contact us for details.

Registration:               Will be advised shortly.


Enquiry:                      Contact us for details.

Return to the traditional ways to address the 16th edition

Keynote Addresses, CEO Dialogues and Discussion Panels in 2023 will return to the traditional and in-person format in a place where welcomes international participants coming from all over the world.  The Organisers and sponsors in regional offices are ready to serve worldwide speakers and delegates and showcase the latest corporate solutions to the participants face to face, and strengthen the networking experience in 2023.

Sparkling showcase and networking experience

Prime Source Forum will further engage participants with speakers in the events in 2023.  Delegates will be able to attend the events in person to network, exchange ideas and learn best practices from each other.

We will strive for every way to enhance your total engagement on Prime Source Forum events effectively.

Woman with Paper Mask

Lift up health and safety standards

We adopt industry’s approach to following best practice guidelines to raise the bar on offering safe, hygienic, productive and high-quality organised event experiences to our participants.  When speakers, sponsors and delegates come to our events in person, they can connect with their peers and do business, effectively and safely, with confidence.


It means that Prime Source Forum events in 2023 will be run according to official governments and local authority guidance in the first instance, as well as any venue- or location-specific regulations. Irrespective of format or location, wherever applicable and possible, our events will apply a full range of standards and guidelines to ensure our participants are in safe and hygienic conditions.

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