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Presentations on Demand


Attendance at your convenience

Participants of Prime Source Forum 2022 will have access to Online Presentations, live or in recording, available up to three days right before the Forum takes place, to engage with at their very convenience, meaning they will be able to both attend the Forum in person and sit in digital Presentations on Demand back-to-back without clashing with prior schedules.


Whenever and wherever you are, we will strive for every new way to enhance your total engagement on 15th Prime Source Forum effectively.

Presenting your company at

15th Prime Source Forum

If you are interested in presenting your company and your latest solutions to help improve the industry and communities, please apply to our waitlist. Applications submitted will be notified of their outcome on 30 June 2022.


Presenting companies are required to provide to the Organiser a 15-minute-long pre-recorded finished video in a preferred format for easy uploading.


Application deadline: 30 June 2022

Video submission deadline: 15 Sep 2022


Benefits of presenting digitally

Navigating digital events to attract visibility and attendance has never been easier!  Through Prime Source Forum online platform, presenting companies can get: -


Tips on pre-recording:  Detailed and hands-on instructions will be given to you to help record your presentation and make it perfect before you submit it. Our digital workforce is ready to support you.


Extra visibility:  Your presentation will be accessible online on demand up to three days before the Forum commences. This allows even more delegates to watch your presentation at their own convenience and without conflicting with the time when Prime Source Forum takes place.


More meetings:  Our past digital experience tells us that presenting companies do receive  more meeting requests than other attending companies.


Better meetings: The prevailing access to your presentation allows delegates to discuss with team members involved.  This pre-validation leads to meetings of higher quality than ever.


Visibility after the event:  All presentations and presenting company contacts will be uploaded on the official website for participants and visitors to have access throughout the year.


Contact us for applications or technical support.

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